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Being Arab and Queer

being Arab and Queer and trying not to cancel any part of my inner story has been my challenge since i was born ..

Dance of the Red Moon

We are your children. Our birth was not a rotting of your intestines. We erred not to heed your advice. We roamed the bewitched streets like fat city rats. We search for your smile in the dark forest. ..

The Lightbulb and the Loss

“Look around you at a world that has changed, you’re aging and wasting energy. It is better for you to hurry up and die!” snapped Fluorescent and LED. “I’m more than a string of incandescent lamps on ..

Arab leaders, what do you want?

You want it all. You want nothing, You want to brandish authority without legitimacy, elections without accountability, Sing the merits of citizenship without citizens, Praise civil society without th ..

Tabula Rasa

not to crumple it up and stuff it into a pocket or drawer, but actually to share it. sometimes, that is the idea behind writing. blank paper. how easy, a pastime filling up empty sheets of it, lined o ..

Mystic Queen

Mystic Queen is a rock band born in Cadiz (south Spain) around 2013. In their style come together influences of prog-rock, psychedelia, jazz and funk. Each one of the components have different musical ..


O my boy, Don’t cry if Today is hard On you. O my boy don’t you cry, For you will see my boy, O my boy you will see, That Tomorrow; O my sweet boy; Will be ten times harder. ..


Once a gift-giver found a flower, the most beautiful            flower in the world and he married her,                     and she married him. Once a drop of liquid light from the heavens rolled off ..

The Arab Woman of the Future

The Arab Woman of the Future is date molasses and tehina fed to mouths made bellyful has never known all the kinds of hunger a body and soul can pang for measures herself against what was once called ..