Your contributions are at the heart of the Asameena project. We want this place to be open to all writings and thoughts. We want you to feel at home.

We accept ALL forms of writings, whether they are experimental, humoristique and even very political.

Rhythm of publication

At Asameena, we alternate between themed issues (every three months and for which we will announce a special call for contributions) and pieces that we publish regularly on the website and on any topic that matters to you.


We divided the website into different formats of writings: Awraq for prose; Mou’alaqat for poetry; Daftar for non-fiction essays et Meqrab for cultural and literary critiques (or interviews if you want to).

The categories are flexible and we ourselves are trying to play with the formats. The same goes for language, we are waiting for your bilingual, colloquial or even creole pieces! Also, if you would also like to respond to one of the writings on the website, do not hesitate. We would like Asameena to be a space of conversation between authors and ideas.


Send us your writings on:

Just make sure to put a subject on your email (such as, wait for it… “contribution”) and title your document: Name of author_Title.doc.

If you wish to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym we can also do that.

If you only have an outline ready and wish to discuss it with before writing the proper article, please feel free to contact us.

Our editing process seeks to be a dialogue with the author(s). Two editors from the team will read your text and send you suggestions, questions (or just praise). It is possible that we refuse to publish an article. However, refusals will always be justified by the editors.


Asameena strives to be a cultural space and, as such, we want all of our visuals to be original (meaning, not from Google images). If you have a visual (drawing/photo/video/postmodern montage) to accompany your writing send it your way. If not, we will choose one for you.

Also if you have photos that you think can fit in Asameena’s website we would be more than pleased to feature them (you will, of course, be credited).